How the US Army Uses Tech to Outsmart Its Adversaries

rf directional coupler

When we think about the United States military, we often think about an organization that is known for its might and power. And it is true that in terms of weapons and overall machinery the US military has more power than most of the rest of the world combined. But the truth is that all that might is more of a deterrence than anything else.

How the Military Uses Technology

Most of the time, the United States military is focused on ensuring they can complete a job in the cleanest way possible. That means doing things covertly, and ensuring that engagement is minimal. Not only does that result in less international incidents, but it also means less casualties on both sides. And what plays a crucial role in these processes? Technology.

When the US military can use a new rf directional coupler or some other piece of tech that the other side does not even know about, they have an advantage. Sometimes the tech can be so small, like a part that goes into another machine, and it may seem insignificant. But the reality is that even such small parts can have a very positive impact on covert operations, or how the bigger tech from the military can operate.

Humanitarian Missions

Sometimes the technology that we hear about the military testing is not only for situations where force is required. Having the tech to easily surveille an area, get a team in and out, and help people in that region means the United States military can do a lot more humanitarian missions without putting its own people in unnecessary jeopardy. And many of these missions would not even happen if the military did not have all these tech contracts where they are getting the latest gadgets and equipment before anyone else.